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Where can I find the dragon Bridle?

By dragongirl
Detailed info on getting Pirate John and the Dragon

by tiniponi

-talk to the Empress in Veldarah (Veldt Queen in Aveyond2 ... you need to do a quest for her, and earn her respect before she gives you the quest) - other things have to be done before this will be triggered, so just keep checking back from time to time.
(NOTE: Unknownblade says you just have to have returned 1 or 2 druids for the nightingale quest to be triggered)
- you need a birdcage - Veldarah junk shop
- buy Skudder (this is the part most people miss ... it is mandatory for the birdseed quest) (In Aveyond2, you will have the Skudder already, since you can't get to Veldt without it.)
- Pirate John is in jail on one of the Veniaria Islands. Talk to him. (you may as well get the ale for Mad Marge while you're here)
- go to the nightingale's glade in forest east of Sedona and look at the nightingale. Lars & Rhen talk about how to capture it
- you need birdseed - go to Brumswick (southern part of Western Isle) - complete the locusts quest, and receive the 'who's stealing our corn' quest (the locust quest may not be mandatory for the birdseed quest, but you may as well do it while you're there).
- find the militant squirrels cave on way yo Clearwater - the birdseed is there. (may as well do the first part of the 'corn') quest while you're here. The Birdseed quest must be in your journal to pick it up. Just click on it to pick it up (no need to talk to the squirrels about it.)
- take the birdseed to the nightingale tree, capture the nightingale
- take nightingale back to Veldaran Empress or Veldt Queen
- Empress/Queen gives you a dragon bridle
- go to Southern Isle, find dragon in cave, bridle it
(NOTE: He has his own little cave, on the northwest part of the Southern Isle.)
- go back to Veniaria Isles, break John out of jail, and, voila, he joins your party!
(if you want Mad Marge in your party, talk to her again after getting PJ, and she will join ... this is assuming you already brought her ale)
- go back to the dragon cave, and get the dragon

Piece of cake, huh?
By what thw hell
dont understand it still saying you see a birdseed
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