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I figured confessions and addiction...

I figured confessions and addictions would be the best place to put this one, lol.

I had gotten rather tired of tending the online version fishies, and decided I would take a break from the game. Unfortunately, the game does not stop for you, even if you pause it, it keeps running. So, I decided that eventually, when I was extremely tired of breeding $50 Orange Fruitfish, I would stop.

Well, I finally found my spot. I have it stopped at exactly $100,000. Now, I am going to test how long the fish can survive, without food or medicine. I currently have both tanks full of Orange Fruitfish. All are fully fed and healthy. A few are at age 121, a few more are age 100, and the rest are all at 0. I am curious how long it will take to kill off the tank. All additions that the online version allows are in my tank already. So, there will be food fibers floating around, at least. Once the final casualties have been counted, I will post ages of all fish, and time taken. This ought to be interesting!

This way, if I decide to play again, I will have a bundle of money to start over with. But, $100,000 at a max sale of $50 is quite the addiction, and quite worthy of a confession, lol.

By unknown_reader
Well, it finally happened, all the fish died. I am still shocked that it took 3½ days to do so, without any feeding or medicine. The tank was hit really hard with the white ick disease, right off the get go, so there were quite a few that died really quickly.

So, on to the ages of the fish when they died. Most were babies when I started the test, but there were a few at 100, and a few more that were 121 at the start of the test. Most I do not know how old they were at the beginning, but there is one that I DO know where it was at. Anyways, here are the ages of the fish when they died: 36, 48, 72, 84, 132, 180, 220, 220, 240, 268, 300, 329, 352, 360, 365, 430, 449, 449, 478, 543, 557, 593, 593, and the Hurculean fish of the tank, the one that lived the longest, lived to 903. This was one of the original BABIES. So, it lived 903 age clicks without food or medicine. That was one serious fish! I know that it was one of the babies as the last 3 fish alive had one younger one, and two older ones, and both of the older ones got the green mold at the same time, leaving the younger fish. That lived for over 2 days alone, swimming through fish corpses. That has got to be one strong minded (or lucky) fish!

That it lived as long as it did was kind of surprising. The only fish I have gotten to live longer was my original Greenfin Spotanus, that was 1,034 when I paused the full game version when I stopped playing it. And my Spotanus had been well cared for, fed as much as needed, and all that. I had not seen a fish on the online version live past 650 before, even trying to keep it alive. So, that fish was quite the impressive specimen!

Has anyone else tried any experiments on their fish? If so, I would love to hear them! :D
By karl
You should not do that.Why won't you just reverse your time for 1 year so they won't die?But anyway, it would take about 12-15 hours.

By goldbulb52
My oldest fish has lived to be 2,529+ , it is a pink shark.
By canary fire-arrow
lucky u, this 3 years after... but I would still 2 ask the expert the road to richness, my money stayed at about 200 unless i really try 2 save, i have dicsover 4 magical fish but sold 2 quickly cuz they were dying anyway and i didnt want 2 spend 2 much money on vitamins. I would really love 2 breed rarer fishes except i'm only on level 2 of enviroment and level 3 costs 1750!!! It would take 4ever 2 get from 200 2 1750, HELP PLEASE?

BTW my oldest fish is only 468, im proud of myself 4 not failing the game since i only played 4 about 5 days. and im using my ipod touch 2 play, it is any different than the computer version???
By fishlover
My oldest fish are my 'twins' both are Greenfin Spotanus and the ages are 4010 and 4015. I've earned 26,734 $$$ in selling their offspring. I've sold 545 of them for 53 each. These two are the only ones I breed so I feel very proud in having kept them alive for so long. Once the babies are born I put them in the selling tank and then breed them again and sell them once I have 8 in the selling tank.
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