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If my parents tried to have a child...

If my parents tried to have a child, and it didn't work, how long do I have to wait to try to make another one???

By lemondrop
Hi Leafa,
When I played the game it seemed to range between 8 - 24 hours our time.
By cristyl3z
I found that if you use the perfume on guy/gir before u put them on top of each other it works...every time I have done this I have gotten them to concieve by the first or second attempt in a row
By meme
It might also depend on whether or not they want children. Those who don't will take longer, those who do may be ready sooner. This also applies to how soon they will try again after having a baby.
By kak
Also, I have found that if they say "It is too soon to try to make another baby" it doesn't do any good to drop them on each other over and over. They won't "do the nasty!" But if it says "they can't agree to have a baby" drop them on each other over and over and eventually after 3 or 4 tries they will "give up" and agree with you and "try to make a baby" .( the language cracks me up!)
By hope that helped!
Hi, I'm having the same problem!! Just about 10 to 30 minutes, if they wont have a child get a baby boost. If that doesn't help then feed them food and make them happy and have their "energy" and "health" bar at least halfway. Put your adoptees on the couch to make them take a nap. This may only happen if they are tired, weak, or extremely weak. I hope this will help, I've tried it only once!
By meme
Move your computer's clock ahead one hour at a time and try again. Sometimes it works after just a few tries. Don't forget to change the clock back to the proper time. Also, when you do this, it makes a mess of the house!
By jdusuisi
It takes a total of one hour and if
I have six useless kids in the game and one pair are twin boys the oldest is 8 and the youngest is a newborna tully eight if u include the newborn how am I suppose to earnmney for ghr whole family? Ypu have t en ourage them to mate to get a baby also
hoped it helped
By virtual families
It takes about an 5 hours to make another baby after you have one already four hours for the baby to grow up to two years old and a hour for tit not to be to soon hope this helps.
By boo4eva
I'm having the same problem I picked 2 people who said they definitely want kids but then after they tried to make a baby and it didn't work they kept embracing and now they keep arguing that it's too soon
By mspplayer234
I'm having a bit of a problem too. I've tried for another baby and they keep saying it's too soon! My child that they had earlier today is two now! Most people say that when their child that they had earlier is two they can try for another baby
By mspplayer234
Was meant to put this last time but does any1 else play moviestarplanet if u do add me my user is cute baby peppermint
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