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My baby won't grow up! My friend an...

My baby won't grow up! My friend and I had a baby the same day,on the same account and hers grew up in three days! It has been about 2 weeks and my baby still hasn't grown up! Should I play more often or not? how do I get her to grow up?

By no need to know
well her game is probally on fast and yours us on slow so change it by going to options!
By kake
there is no fast and slow in Virtual Families...they are the same time as your computer and everything
By meme
The baby is supposed to grow up whether you play or not. Must be a glitch.
By ;
will mine grew in one day. u must have a bug on it go back to the store and tell them and they might give u another one but u might need to buy it again but if u downloaded off the internet then i pretty sure there are little bugs in there
By kak
All babies should grow up in about 2 hours of game time! There must be a glitch in your game. I have been playing for 4 mos. with families in the 8th generation and that has never happenned. If you downloaded from Shockwave you can contact them and they will send you a new CD. A friend had a situation where a dead "ghost" wandered around the house for days unable to die, or interact with the other characters. Very weird! Wouldn't eat, it was just creepy!!! It was a glitch. And they sent her another CD. Good luck!
By franchesca
But I have virtual families 2 ,I play very often and I don't skip any days. And my baby still isn't growing. The other children I adopted are all ready at college and I had the baby before I adopted the kids. What's happening?
By hello
Well just go in the store and bye a time warp thing and it will grow up for you and it will so much great fun for you and the family will play

By ice skater
I have the same problem on my ipad but I don't think there is a glitch
By anomonus
I am having the same problem and I don't know why my whole family won't grow up. The kids I adopted are already in college and I had my kid before I adopted all of my other kids. I don't know what to do. I have it on my iPod touch and my family won't grow. Only the adoptive kids grow up. And I don't know why. Someone please help! All of my adoptive kids are in college when the youngest kid, is supposed to be the oldest. It is a very weird situation. Somebody tell me what to do!
By jenna
I had a few adopted and real kids. For some reason the last one born is still a baby even though all the other kids have gone to college. I've played this game before and am on the 3rd generation this time. It's never happened before. I did mess with the time on my phone to make more money. Maybe that has something to do with it? How can you even buy stuff if you wait for the people to make money? It takes forever.
By anonymys
so i guess i should just wait and see what happends
By meg
That is what happened to me!!! And it still won't grow up!!! I have one kid and its 3 and when it was 2 I had the newborn! What is going on? I'm gonna try a time warp when I get money and maybe that helps
By tcb
Me too! Only the adopted kid gets older. The rest of the family is staying the same. I tried the time warp 2x and nothing happened to their ages.
By periwinkleheadz
I don't know... Maybe you should start over or change the time in your settings.
By me
It sucks! I don't wanna start over but I guess that's what right for the family!
By alliyah
You can play everyday but when you have a kid you should wait a few hours and go back when you go back your new born will be 2 years old and keep doing the same thing
By boogerman1156
i have the same problem on ipad. My family's age stopped at 24 and never grown, no email, no nothin.
By elra
Total glitch.
By hopfrog6
wait 4 hrs it will work. but u have to be on the game for 4 hrs in REAL time. i suggest keep your game on for a long time.
By virtual families
Will it depends if you were playing on computer or not because if on computer you set the time like 1 hour ahead and it works will it worked for me but good luck :)
By unknown
It takes a year on the computer and 2-4 hours on the phone. It may be on pause. go to menu then settings.
By i grow quicker than
Mine is 6 after my first day playing.
By soccer
Are you sure your game is not paused? Although you would have noticed that if it was. You should delete the game and get it again. You will loose your progress but I'm sure there is a way to get it back. Look it up before you delete it because you may have to gather information like how many generations you had, the adoptees names etc. Good luck!
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