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Where do you find the scratch ticke...

Where do you find the scratch ticket? I've had several generations now and tried newspapers, magazines and online. I've een searched to see if I can find it like you would a collectable. Still no scratch ticket.

By conners
There must be some way to find the scratch ticket and as yet, no one has replied. PLEASE! If you know, I'd appreciate where I'd find it. Others must have needed this same answer.
By fio
Scratch tickets com randomly they adrive at your doorstep for 20 dollars

By conners
I've got an income of over 3 million dollars and that's quite a few generations and yet have had anyone come to the door to sell a scratch ticket. does it happen early in the morning, afternoon or evening?
By wonderer
I also have had the same problem. I was able to buy them for a dollar a ticket. However, now I am unable to find one.
By kak
I don't know if you solved your problem so here is some help if you haven't and I'm sure other people have the same questions! I am a pro at this game! I have played about 4 mos. have 6 familes in the 7th or 8th generation. The lottery scratch offs are totally random. you will get a message that you have an opportunity to buy a lottery ticket for $20. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don't. It could be weeks (trust me) before they offer you one again. ALWAYS buy it. I have four families out of six who have "won" which gives you a trophy. I have YET to "win" at any of the families (getting all 100 trophies) the biggest problems seems to be "no latte" "no spoiled fish" and "no Kung Fu." I would tell anyone just starting off that you should PRAISE ANY BEHAVIOR the first time you see it because you may not ever see it again! I have 96 trophies in one family BUT I can't get that particular family to have twins (all the others have of course!) or make a latte or throw out a fish!
By hunnypies tm
like people aid before
it comes rarly so when
it does aways buy it!!!
and the last replier to make the
take the fish trophy just dont empty your garbage for a few days and one of the people will go and take the 'fish' out
By jojo
I havehad the fish when it pops up about a funky smell that's the fish trophie also when they make a grand latte just keep putting then in the kitchen and it will come up sooner or later as for the Kung Fu it randomly happens but I have also got that on my second generation there's no cheat like putting them in a certain room but I have never had the lottery scratch ticket still waiting
By llamacon012
no there is a way to cheat with the kung foo. give them an enegy drink while their sleeping (adult) and they will jump in the air land on the bed standing, and will do kung foo on the bed. may wake up others sleeping...
By kmad417
For the fish one you have to get somebody to clean the fridge. It happened totally random to me. The mom character just said checking out strange smell.
By virtual family playe
I have gotten the trophy for kung fu latte and fish I pick them up and try placing them to get the action I need if it doesn't say what I want I pick them up and place them over and over again till I do the kung fu says doing kung fu...the latte says making a grande latte... and the fish says checking stramge smell I always read action and if u pick them up and place them the action will change sometimes it takes a lil bit I found the kung fu and latte and fish when I placed them in kitchen
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