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how do you visit neighbors and i ca...

how do you visit neighbors and i cant find the floor repair either!

By meme
I'm not sure about neighbors but the floor repair kit will eventually appear in the store.
By i hope i helped
I'm pretty sure you can not leave your yard
By kak
You can't ever leave your house! I'm sure they are asking "Can't we ever go to a restaurant? We haven't left the house in 30 years!" The floor repair EVENTUALLY shows up in the store, just like the tape for the hose and the wall compound. Be sure you have enough money to buy them when they show or you might be in for a very long wait!
By chewy
I heard from someone you can click on there the tree where the pool should be placed and you can go through it after a while of clicking. There are items there but I havent tried it so I am sorry if it does not work.
By burger
When you go to the the top of the screen, click family store and you can change the items in your current store. I play the full version on my HTC Evo, so if this doesn't work on a PC....I apologize!
By den den
i wont to see if the tree thing work i wish the showed it on youtube
By eeertee
it does you dont need too click i got someone from another family into the tree
By layna
Where Can U Get The Full Version
By facebook/virtual f..
There is a way for you to visit so called neighbors. But you have to go to the game guide/ login to Facebook and look for virtual families its like a blog but a really interesting neighborhood meeting hope i helped!
By ohya
The tree thing does work! I went to a mansion and they have it to me!!!!!
By taylor_swift13
All u need to do is make all of your kids make their status say "hiding" then have your husband and wife pick up the same or 2 different collectibles at the same time. A thing will pop up on your screen saying you have been invited to a neighbors house! Click yes and you will be at a house with all renovated rooms. The people there let me keep that house and I know love in it. :-)
By livie_lay
Click on your garbage can in the kitchen 10 times. After that, praise all of the people living in your house 2 times. Then drag your people to a couch or will say "you've been invited to a neighbors house" you can click yes or no, click yes. Sometimes they will let you keep the house! I'm living in a mansion!!! Let me know if it works!
By sherlock holmes
I'm hobb try it I will get back to you

By sherlock holmes
It doesn't work
By cool
where in the yard is the tree you click?
By please help
I really want to get out of the house I play on a phone and I have all the games I was wondering if anybody has advice or different games like that, where you can get out of the house.
By alias
yeah were is the tree. is it the apple tree?
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