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Home improvement and varied items..

By sarah hill
When I go to "store" there isn't anything to buy under home improvement and varied items so there for I can't get the thing I need to repair things. But I was thinking it had something to do with the fact that I have the lite verison... Please help!
By daisy
you can't get them at all ya know
By kak
I don't know anything about a "lite version." I orginally downloaded from Shockwave (i have a membership with them that costs $9.99 a month and all games are unlimited.) Then I ordered the back up CD for $6.99 and I put that in just for insurance every few days. It would "break my heart" if my computer blew up and they all died from starvation! LOL All the home improvement items will eventually show up in your store. You just have to be patient. It is very frustrating-one family took 6 generations before the wall compound showed up! Oh well, that is why they say it is an "addictive" game, right? You have to repair the hose, before you can do the birdbath or the wall compound. you have to open the shed before you can get to a fire extinguisher or a watering can. The software "knows" what you are missing and eventually that action will show up for that family. I have 96 trophies with one of my family but because no one has had twins yet, or practiced Kung Fu, or thrown out a rotten fish I can't "win" the game with all 100 trophies! Guess that is why I keep coming back! LOL
By lexi
i know~! i just can't figure out how t oget things from home improvements. it's so anoying! helppppppppppppppppp
By me :)
I KNOW ME 2!!!!!!!!!!!!
By shaki101
I dont get it either but i have the lite version on ma ipad so is it going to show up for me or not?
By gioamia
Yes it is because you have the lite version. I also had the lite version but then I got the paid version and it is so much better and the home improvments and varied items are there!
By someoneudontknow79
Ohhh I thought you could just get them... I really don't think that is fair! You should be able to get them whether or whether not you paid for it. You cant fix cracked holes, water the plants, or fix leaky sinks or hoses.
By virtual families
its simple, all you have to do is go to settings, then time and date, then set it for a couple years in the future e.g. 2014 and then go back on the game and go to the store, when your done you can set your and date back.
By alias
I had the lite version on my phone and they showed the varied items but, they wouldn't let me use them.
By blah
Clogged toilet or shower: drop a person on the green bucket in the laundry room
Leaking bathroom or kitchen sink: there’s a wrench in the workshop. You can see it in the top red toolbox on the wall. Drop a person on it
Oven and dryer fire: there’s an extinguisher in the shed. Open the shed by getting the door knob in the sand box first. You will find the key under the doormat.
No internet: the router is the black box on the desk in the office. Just drop a person on it.
By lulu
I am sooo confused right now about this. I have the lite version too and I still don't have the varied and home improvements, so... Does the lite version give u those or what? Everyone's messin me up
By solution
to get home improvements, varied items and medicine in the lite version: go to the store and click on a food item. Instead of clicking buy, click cancel, then click your desired item until it appears in your inventory. It may take some persistance and does not always work all the time, but it usually works eventually.
By tiffany
I got 1 home improvement some how with lite might be my house?!?!
By dani
I can't buy medicine the little person was ten when he got sick and now he's 16 and he's still sick

By abigail
I'm stuck here on my iPad because on virtual families it won't let me have varied items and the people keep telling me to fix the holes in the floor
By ashley
Only available on full version sorry but I have full version my sisters variable iitems won't change what's wrong?
By a cheat for you.
Yes you can,
Click on the desired item, and then click on a sale item in the food section, then cancel and go back to the desired item then go back to the sale item then to the desired item continue this until you see an orange tick appear on the item you have chosen, if this does not work continue to try every day using the Sam'e cheat. I h've bought every home improvent. And they last through every generation.x
Ps. I used vf lite for this cheat.x
By k.m.g
I cant buy any medicine? Its not letting me ? Someone please help!
By pickle
To get home improvements in virtual families lite you have to keep pressing on it and eventually you will get it. When I did it i only had 5,657 dollars and I got all of the home improvements somehow and had 3,000 dollars left. So to get all of the home improvements in virtual families lite you have to have alot of money and a finger tgat can move fast! If you need any other information ask me cause I am on my 23 generation in virtual families lite! :)
By pickle
To buy medicine on virtual families lite you have to buy a grocery then really fast press on the meducine you need. if that doesn't work keep pressing on it and eventually you will get it! Also, don't try to get the upgrades it doesn't work...well it didnt work for me. :( so if you need anymore help ask me! I may be only 11 years old but i know alot!!! :) :)
By amanda68
I have downloaded the free app on my iPad mini. How can I get varied items for repairs etc and what is the 'space bar'? I don't have the keyboard up when playing so can't press it, which someone else suggested in a forum I read through!
By vfgirl
Ya. I don'nt have varied items either. Help me!!!!!!
By vfgirl
And what does it mean when they are Elat
By help!!
Elated means as happy as they can be! ^ and I don't have ANY varied items on the lite version!! Someone please help me!!
By ghffh
Click on food, click cancel, click the item you want to buy that isn't available to the lite version, click ok, and repeat. You will have to do this several times before it appears in your tool tray, but it works. I am not an annoying person trying to waste yo6r time, just trust me.
By alias
I understand the click and cancel stuff but I have the original on the iPad mini and I don't have any option to buy varied items or home improvements.... There are only blank boxes!
By hi
same they are just blank boxes help me
By hi
its so weird someone please help me!!!
By i want varied items!
How do I get varied items in the store? My store only sells food and medicine. And I've been playing virual families for over a year and they never showed up! If you know please email me about it at [email protected] Thanks!
By dkf
I cant get anything ether sumone pleez help
By samantha
In virtual families, My husband is sick. He groans whenever I pick him up and move him somewhere
but then, I went to the store, Medicine arrived
on my list and the dumb mother ate it. I retryed
to buy it but it didn't work. I cannot find where
to download the full version. Can you help me?
By lilypads123
I think that it's stupid that we Virtual Lite players can't finish the game all because we don't have the money, time, or will to buy the full version! :( And the cheat that everyone is suggesting (the, click on the grocery sale item and the item you want to buy) won't work for me because my boxes are blank!
By lite version
LISTEN UP this has been said but your obviously not paying ATTENTION! You want to buy items with the Virtual Family Lite Version - here's a cheat for you - click store, click on organic meat, click cancel, click on item you want, it will say - visit www.blah blah, click ok, click item, click ok, click item, and so on till you get it. Will work for medicine and house items and varied items but not for house upgrades. Sometimes will work on the 3rd go, sometimes on the 103rd go.
By lemon
Help I need to know how to get furniture for the house and I got there kids and me and my man living in the house I need improvement please help
By jazz
This is stupid because like my people just died cause I can't buy the medicine. That is crazy how are we going to help people survive if we can't buy them food. But the game is fun my new kid max was just 11 now he in college then he 24 moving in the house starting a new family.
By afrern...
I bought all the medicines the same way ...its easy just keep once on food item cancel thn on medicin really fast...
By greendes000
It keeps saying most items are not available and that if I go on this website their there. But when I go there they're not there. I tried that meat thing but it didnt work
By taylor
my kid is sick and I cant buy medicine! how do I buy it.... they should let us buy it!
By cassie knight
My family is sick and I need medication for them and home improvement
By by i hate lite
I can't click on the item I want if the varied items and home improvements are just blank boxes. i can get everything else just fine
By lily
Same here it's just blank boxes
By addict
I have the lite version on mobile and I can get anything at anytime. all I do is go to the store and then tap the top where it says "family store". and then keep tapping until what I need pops up
By lottielove
Right okay so I have tried the food then the cancel and my boxes and it seriously doesn't work I've had the game for ages I can buy medicine and food and upgrades I just can't buy improvements and varied and it's making the game very boring I've got the lite version but I was thinking maybe it's like the second where you can get them if you have that level like some of them have the lock with the number on I don't know ??!! But please some one understand and help ????
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