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how to get 800,000 bux

By girl
i figured out how to get just about 800,000 bux n it rly works... o by the way i used my ipod touch 4 this so...k so wut u do is set the time on ur ipod bak to a long time ago(i set it to 1970) then go on virtual families n dnt do anything to them. then change the time bak 2 the present n theres ur money.(by the way this may affect other apps) it didnt for me so. n btw again i now every single home improvment and house upgrade and like 10,000 units of food and since i did this about 1 month ago i now have 4,000,000 dollars...hope it works
By mina
It WORKED!!! But it also killed off my family...LOL. I was able to continue the generation with one of the children who went off to college.
By juzcurious
wow! i did this too and it worked! The mom and dad were both 61 and lived a good life, had an adopted daughter, so when i did this it did kill them off....but i think since they had so much money, when i got back on it, they had over 10 million dollars! Holy crap right?!? so their daughter came to take over and has everything, a hubby and a new baby "Snap" :) hopefully this family goes for many generations. I did this for my daughers account, and I'm going to do it for my own account once my little parents are old and gray!
By bby girl18
how can i do it bt by computer??
By chetta
It really does work.. I did it on my computer by changing the year then changing it back and there was the money.
By he
i get 875.000.000
By just me
If you download a Cheat Engine you can get the same results without having anything in you family change except their bank account. If you go to the site below they even walk you through it. They will tell you that you have to start a new family, but I have done it with family's I already have and it still works. Just be sure to have it open to the family you want, pause game then do as they instruct you.
By shay775
It doesn't work for me and I do have a iPod 4th gen but it only gives me 720-1000 dollars more please Explain how to get 1 million dollars explain in detail please!
By abcdefg
It only gives me 100 to 50 dollars
By why!?
It didn't work for me I didn't get anymore money I set it back to 1970 then put it back to present it made my family dye though but didn't give me money
By help!
has anyone been able to get a million dollar lately?
By elitehackz
I have i know the hack that get's you infinite amount of money with out changing the time.
By what
It don't work for me and I have to start my family again
By tyhgg
What is the hack
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