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Dark Dimensions: Homecoming Walkthrough

Employ our Dark Dimensions: Homecoming Walkthrough as your personal guide to help you solve this latest mystery of a dark dimension near the place where your parents once disappeared all those years ago - Barton Mansion. Our trusty game instructions will lead you along the right path as you search for clues to uncover the truth behind this mystery, and our custom marked screenshots and puzzle solutions will ensure that no obstacle, no matter how great, will stand in the way of your victory!

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by on 03-25-2015     

Are you desperate for a Dark Dimensions: Homecoming Walkthrough? Is the truth of what happened at Barton Mansion in this latest Dark Dimensions game just too much for you to handle on your own? Relax my friend, we've got you covered. We just put the finishing touches on a comprehensive Dark Dimensions Walkthrough and it's now live and waiting for you to jump in!

This guide includes six chapters that are prepared to walk your through each moment of this chilling hidden object game. You'll have all the answers you'll need as you face challenges such as the ice cream truck puzzle on the boardwalk or the lock puzzle on the mansion gate just outside the grounds of Baron Mansion. Together with our step-by-step instructions, custom marked screenshots, and detailed puzzle solutions you'll have no problem checking this game off your list of games to beat!

Is this your first venture into the Dark Dimensions world? Here's a brief glimpse of that this latest game has in store for you!

Years ago, your parents disappeared while investigating an abandoned mansion in Whispering Hollows. Since then, you've been traveling the country, tracking down Dark Dimensions and seeking answers to your parents' strange disappearance. Finally, after all these years, the truth behind your family's greatest tragedy will be revealed. It's time to visit Barton Mansion, where it all began. Just watch your back, because this mansion is far from abandoned. All of your training and experience has led to this haunting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

We hope you enjoy our Dark Dimensions: Homecoming Walkthrough!

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