Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast Walkthrough

Our Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast Walkthrough is live and waiting to guide your steps through this exciting hidden object adventure game as you search for the rose that will cure your father's illness. But beware, an evil witch also covets the rose and its powers. You'll need all the resources found within our walkthrough in order to find a way to stop Claudine and save your father. 

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by on 05-21-2015     

Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast is the highly anticipated second chapter in the gripping Dark Romance series. Join the quest to find the elusive rose of life, which grows only in a kingdom far from home to cure your father’s life threatening illness. 

While in pursuit, you encounter Prince Johnathan who. along with his subjects, has been cursed by the menacing witch Claudine. Did I mention that she is depraved and will stop at nothing to secure the rose for its restorative power? Things just got real! 

No worries, along with our customized and detailed Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast Walkthrough, you will travel through the kingdom with ease and speed evading and foiling Claudine’s wicked plan.

Refer to our five excitement filled chapters of customized screenshots, simple instructions, and hidden object and puzzle solutions to guide you through this fast action adventure!

We hope you enjoy Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast Walkthrough!

Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast Walkthrough

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