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Delicious: Emily's True Love Walkthrough

Our Delicious Emily: True Love Walkthrough has all the ingredients to help you enjoy this fast paced and exciting time management game! Our tips and screen captures will help you and Emily navigate the rocky road to love. Travel with Emily as she tries to maintain her professional life while carving out a spicy and delicious love life. Will she choose a long lost love or take her chances on the adorable florist? Our easy to follow cues and colorful screen caps will help Emily find the missing ingredient in her life!

We hope you enjoy our Delicious Emily: True Love Walkthrough!

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by on 08-06-2015     

Our Delicious Emily: True Love Walkthrough is serving up a fresh taste of excitement in this fun-tastic time management game. Our favorite restauranteur Emily is enjoying the sweet success of her newly opened restaurant but her love life needs a little spicing up! Use our helpful hints and colorful screen shots to help our beloved Emily maintain her professional life and find true love as she travels to exciting new locations in her pursuits.
Help Emily find love, success and her own version of happily-ever-after! Will she explore long lost love or will she try her luck with the cute florist? Refer to our useful cues and screen shots to find out. 

We hope you enjoy our Delicious Emily: True Love Walkthrough!

Delicious Emily's True Love Walkthrough

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