Game Spotlight: Fear for Sale: City of the Past

Fear for Sale: City of the Past was recently released in a collector's edition, thrilling Fear for Sale fanatics and lovers of all things creepy. Join journalist, Emma Robert, as she investigates the strange circumstances in the small town of Eastwood, where statues have been coming alive and attacking people! Are you brave enough to walk the streets alone? Find out in this chilling hidden object adventure game!

In Fear for Sale: City of the Past, you'll experience another thrilling hair-raising adventure packed with the creepiness you've come to love from the Fear for Sale franchise. 

Fear for Sale

Just in time for Halloween, you'll travel to the streets of the tiny town of Eastwood, where you can't help but feel as though you have eyes on you at all times. You unfortunately discover that your senses haven't gone haywire when the statues of the town begin to move about and attack people!

Now, it's up to you to investigate this strange phenomenon, before things get out of hand! 

Fear for Sale Hidden Object Scene

This exciting hidden object adventure game includes tons of puzzles and scenes to challenge your wits along with collectibles galore!

You'll also get to play a bonus chapter in the CE where you'll learn a shocking secret about a character's fate! Oh what could it be???

Fear for Sale Puzzle

The collector's edition of Fear for Sale: City of the Past comes with your usual goodies including concept art, wallpapers, and an in game guide. Can you muster your courage and discover what force is behind this mystery? Only one way to find out... download Fear for Sale: City of the Past today!