Incredible Dracula: The Ice Kingdom

Incredible Dracula: The Ice Kingdom is an exciting resource management / time management game that does not disappoint! Get ready to command your zombie workers and face the perilous Ice Queen as she attempts to cast the world in a never-ending winter.

Something chilling is happening in the world of our lovable Dracula in this latest feature Incredible Dracula: The Ice Kingdom. Winter has come early this year and even the latest most advanced heaters in the kingdom can’t seem to keep the castle warm. Ever the caring ruler, Dracula goes forth from his home to make sure the inhabitants of his lands are surviving this cold snap.

It soon becomes clear that this icy weather is no natural phenomenon… the Ice Queen herself has broken loose and is not casting her frigid magic across the land. Elsa, NO! There’s nothing much more to be said… Dracula clearly has an obligation to stop this witch in her tracks before she can destroy the world!

Incredible Dracula Game

The graphics in this Incredible Dracula game are quite detailed and kind of adorable, especially for a resource management game. Teeny tiny pumpkins, cobblestone roads, and purple and green forests dot the landscape… not that you have time to stop and smell the digital roses… if you’re not quick enough with the clicking, even casual mode might seem too hard.

Incredible Dracula: The Ice Kingdom’s music was pleasantly catchy but not obtrusive. The notes tend toward the softer side, just barely there, and yet, you catch yourself bobbing your head to the tune as you issue your orders to your minions. Same goes for the sounds. Nothing overly clingy or obnoxious just some blips and bloops to let you know you’re on the right track.

The game offers several styles of gameplay including Casual Mode, Free Mode, and Normal Mode. This gets a little confusing because in this instance the normal is the expert mode. Free has no time limits and Casual is pretty much the Easy mode.

Play Incredible Dracula Ice Kingdom for free

For those of you who like to get rewards while you are playing, there are 33 trophies to earn as you play. Once you achieve the reward, a window will pop up to let you know you scored. The first few are pretty easy. Expect to get them really early on in the game. Later trophies will be much harder to achieve so keep on clicking.

The general gameplay offers all of your typical actions of a resource management game. Go and collect food in order to clear roads and build structures. I do love the addition of the BloodDonald’s as your primary food structure. Your zombies are your workers and they dash about collecting your resources and doing your bidding. While special characters like Vlad and Dracula handle all the important tasks like fetching generators from spider filled basements or haggling with mystical beings and learning their secrets.

Some quick tips for playing Incredible Dracula: The Ice Kingdom… focus on the things you need to do to complete the level. It’s really easy to get distracted in this game because you want to pick up all the things and collect all the resources. A lot of stuff is happening at once, but you don’t need to keep collecting food if you have 85 hamburgers and only need 10.

Incredible Dracula Ice Kingdom Walkthrough

Try to locate all of your buildings before the clock starts ticking. You’ll want to get a food resource going first so plan to make your way to a BloodDonald’s or a pumpkin patch ASAP. Then prioritize your saw mills and pharmacies depending on the goals of the level.

Overall, Incredible Dracula: The Ice Kingdom didn’t disappoint. It was a fun, fast-paced time management game with adorable graphics and excellent gameplay. I almost wish this game came in a collector’s edition, it would have been well worth the additional price. If you want to sink your teeth into Incredible Dracula: The Ice Kingdom and play for free for 60 minutes, just click on the download button to start playing.