Maestro: Music from the Void Walkthrough

Allow our Maestro: Music from the Void Walkthrough to be your companion as you face the shadows to save a music school from destruction. When you show up at the most prestigious music school in Vienna, you think it’s just to find two missing children. But you soon discover their vanishing is anything but ordinary; not only are children going missing, their school is also being tormented by evil shadows. Our helpful hints, insider tips, and abundance of custom screenshots will help you investigate this symphony gone wrong. 

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by on 02-11-2013     

I am a huge fan of both mystery and music, so when I came across Maestro: Music from the Void and saw it contained both, I immediately started downloading the game. While I was waiting, I investigated a bit more (mostly to get me in that detective mindset) and discovered this is the third in the Maestro series. I was worried for a moment, but then decided to dive right in. Time to see if the developers could catch me up!

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A few minutes and I knew I didn’t really have anything to worry about. The story was laid out very clearly, and I didn’t feel the absence of those first two games at all.

In Maestro: Music from the Void, you are a detective who has been called in to investigate the disappearance of two prodigy children. When you arrive at their music school, however, things take a turn for the bizarre as you discover the school has been infested with evil shadows, and you spend the rest of the game trying to figure out what happened to the kids and how to free the school from its shadow infestation. Except for a few hiccups (like having your character insist he’s tone deaf and then later giving him a violin he has to play to defeat the shadows) I was pleased with the plot.

I also loved the look of Maestro: Music from the Void. The artistry was beautiful, from the grounds around the mansion to the inside, and I was constantly impressed with how lovely everything was. The ghost/shadow things were also suitably creepy, and I loved running into them. I’m more blah about character design, but they weren’t terrible to look at, so I’ll take it.

While I was initially a little cautious about the music in Maestro: Music from the Void, I soon found I had nothing to worry about. The music was amazing, classical without being obnoxious. And since the voice actors were all inoffensive, this is one game where I can strongly suggest keeping the sound on.

I was a little more on the fence about the hidden object scenes. On the one hand, I really like the style of hidden object areas that Maestro: Music from the Void uses (the kind with the silhouettes and where you use each object you’ve found to get the next one). On the other hand, the areas repeated all the time. If there’s one thing I dislike more than clearing an area of junk, it's having to do so repeatedly.

The puzzles were also a little hit or miss for me; sometimes I could get right through them, but others I either had no idea what the point was or just couldn’t get to the solution.

Luckily, I was able to pull up our Maestro: Music from the Void Walkthrough before I could lose my temper. With all those insider tips from our walkthrough guru by my side, I didn’t have a single misstep. So, if you’re on Casual mode and looking for something to help keep the frustration out of fun (like me) or if you’re on Hard mode just looking for some reassurance, might I suggest our Maestro: Music from the Void Walkthrough? It’s sure to keep your game time from going flat (see what I did there?).

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