Midnight Calling: Jeronimo

Midnight Calling: Jeronimo is a beautiful hidden objects adventure encapsulating self-sacrifice, love and bravery.  Jeronimo, must go back to his old ways of thievery to save his sister’s life. There is only one thing that can save her and it is a magical potion in the possession of a very unfriendly & wicked witch. Jeronimo must now rely on his wits and his ability to steal to get his hands on the potion. Join him in his journey and see if he is successful or if he has lost his touch and will lose his sister too!

Game Spotlight:  Midnight Calling: Jeronimo has us joining Jeronimo as he waxes nostalgic about his troublesome past as a notorious and successfully renowned thief. With those days long behind him, only tragedy or extreme necessity could drive this mild mannered tavern keeper back to his old ways! Unfortunately, tragedy has struck and his little sister lies dying with only the hope of a magical elixir to save her.

As to be expected, there is a major caveat that has to be overcome. The witch that is the keeper of the elixir has no intention of sharing her potion with anyone!! Now forced by necessity to save his beloved sister Jeronimo must embark on one last adventure and save his sister’s life and quite possibly his own!

Filled with hidden object scenes that will keep you entertained and challenged, you will also find the mini games quite satisfying as they range from easy to difficult in their complexity.

Thankfully, you will encounter quite a few on your journey to sharpen your skills and keep you wanting more!

The collector’s edition has all the usual’s, the screensaver, the achievements, music, wallpapers, bonus chapters and all the excitement you can hope for! Jump in and join Jeronimo on his life saving adventure!