Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow Walkthrough

Our Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow Walkthrough will assist you in your investigation as you desperately attempt to figure out what's happened back at Mystery Tracker headquarters! When it's difficult to know who you can trust, know that our detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and comprehensive puzzle solutions will always be here ready to fill the role of loyal and dependable partner whenever you need a helping hand.

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by on 08-03-2013     
Calling all Mystery Tracker Agents! This latest adventure is hitting a little too close to home as you and your adorable dog, Elf, quickly make your way back to headquarters only to find agents down and the town of Silent Hollow under attack by some mysterious force. 
It's now up to you, the only agent still standing, to save the day... with a little help from some awesome and extremely convenient new powers. And Elf, of course... he helps out a lot. 
Mystery Trackers Silent Hollow is definitely a worthy addition to this amazing franchise, and as usual, the robust content and numerous puzzles and challenges means that a Mystery Tracker Walkthrough is a must! 
Mystery Trackers Silent Hollow Walkthrough
In true CGG fashion, we've included everything you need to know in our Mystery Trackers Silent Hollow Walkthrough to help you make your way through this exhilarating hidden object adventure game. 
We've included tons of custom marked screenshots that outline all the key item locations and areas of interest that you need to know about. You'll also find answers to all the puzzles and mini-games you'll encounter during gameplay. 
And finally, we've also included in our Mystery Trackers Silent Hollow Walkthrough detailed step-by-step instructions on exactly what you need to do in the game from start to finish. 
It's all here waiting to help whenever you need a hand or if you find yourself stuck at any point during the game. Just remember to consult with our Mystery Trackers Silent Hollow Walkthrough before frustration set in. Enjoy!


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