Natalie Brooks Mystery at Hillcrest High Cheats and Walkthrough

Hey gamers! I am on a mission this month. To bring you a new guide every week! Let's see how I do.

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by on 02-28-2010     
Hey gamers! I am on a mission this month. To bring you a new guide every week! Let's see how I do.

The guide I bring you today is Natalie Brooks: Mystery at Hillcrest High (aka Natalie Brooks 3). Now, it's only 3/4 finished because there is a major bug in the game that often causes players to freeze around Chapter 6 or 7 and cannot go further. I am told by Big Fish Games that this is a known problem and that the developers of the game (not Big Fish Games) is working on it. At which time it is solved, the guide will be finished.

Up until I got totally stuck and cannot go further, I was really enjoying the game I cannot wait to finish it. The storyline, graphics, game play, are all top notch. There are a few translation errors, but it doesn't take away from the game. What does take away from the game is that darn bug! It does not happen to everyone, I have talked to people who have played the game all the way through just fine, but I have also talked to people who have the same problem I did.

Now as for Natalie, I really think she needs to re-think her wardrobe. Three games in and she is still wearing the same clothes! Sort of like my new roommate! I haven't updated you on that have I. Well, she's a little different and very annoying. I have no idea how I will study with her around. I actually have to leave the comfort and coziness of my dorm room and go to the library to study. Anyway, back to her clothes. She only believes in one color, black. Black pants, black shirts, black shoes, black socks, probably black underwear but I didn't ask or look! Black nails, black eyeshadow, even black lipstick. It's crazy! Where I grew up, black was worn on cowboys in the form a hat and yes, they were the good guys. Sorry, Roy Rogers, even the good guys wear black these days! Well, I hear her coming up the hall, I better post this blog before she decides to watch what I'm doing over my shoulder - yes, very annoying!

Until next week - take care and you North Easterner's, stay warm in that big winter storm you got!

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