Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 6 Review

Summer is here and so is your newest adventure, Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 6. Welcome to Pinecreek Hills where the Rangers have returned and are offering up some old favorites with some new flair. Its Conservation Challenge year and Pinecreek is beckoning you to take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime. Enjoy this straight forward and challenging hidden object game where you can pour over the attractive scenery and find the craftily hidden objects as well as engaging in the numerous mini games sprinkled throughout.

Vivid graphics, various wildlife and natural sceneries will whisk you away on a virtual vacation. Get in touch with your wild side as you explore fish, hike and navigate trails – this latest episode of the beloved series does not disappoint! This game is fun for the whole family; so jump on in and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime!

We hope you enjoy Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 6!

Your virtual vacation has arrived! Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 6 is ready to sweep you away into the peaceful bliss of nature. As to be expected the Rangers of Pinecreek Hills National Park are busy trying to preserve the natural wonders and need your help.

Delve into the adventure as you seek and find items in every scene, engage in wildlife of all kinds while keeping on task. It’s Conservation Challenge year and there is lots to be done. Cleaning, recycling and preservation abound!

As to be expected from the Vacation Adventure series there is an abundance of mini games to keep you busy. You also have the chance to earn money and purchase park souvenirs to commemorate your experience.

Take a chance and join the adventure! We hope you enjoy Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 6!