Weather Lord: Following the Princess - For the Love of Time Management Games

Weather Lord: Following the Princess reveals a new storyline in the Weather Lord franchise. This time our hero must save a princess, rebuild a land ravaged by dark forces, and save the day once again! Good thing the forces of the weather still obey your every command! You're going to need all your time management skills if you're going to tackle this new adventure! 


In Weather Lord: Following the Princess, you'll once again take control of the elements in order to battle new adversaries and rebuild a land ravaged by dark forces. And, of course, what tale would be complete without a princess in need of rescuing?!

Weather Lord Game

In typical Weather Lord fashion, you'll need to be sharp in order to chuck clouds and sun beams around as you help the natives of the kingdom of Lorraine rebuild their land. Although at least this game features your weather options on the bottom of the screen in your task bar, which is a nice change.

New Weather Lord Game

Many levels are going to require a certain strategy, so if planning your time management levels is your thing, you've going to want to settle in with this one, because most levels will need to be played several times before you can figure out how to reach your objectives. 

You'll also have a new feature to play around with... the ability to use artifacts found in the games. Artifacts will give you an advantage and will be necessary in order to complete certain levels. 

Weather Lord Following the Princess

Weather Lord: Following the Princess was released first in a Collector's Edition, so you'll enjoy some extra goodies with this game, including some bonus chapters, wall paper, and a sound track... although I'm not sure why you'd want that last one... the music was a bit repetitive.

All in all, this new game is a must have for fans of the Weather Lord games!