Agatha Christie - Death on the Nile Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Agatha Christie - Death on the Nile Walkthrough provides helpful hints and tips on how to beat this thrilling hidden object adventure game. Join Hercule Poirot in investigating a murder mystery. Find helpful clues, interrogate suspects, as you draw ever closer to solving this perplexing case and finding the true murderer in Agatha Christie - Death on the Nile.

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General Tips

  • Think outside the box. For example, if "duck" is on your list, it could refer to a rubber ducky, a wooden carving of a duck, or a roast duck on someone's dinner plate
  • Visit the salon at regular intervals during an investigation. Sometimes finding new clues will open up new questions for Poirot to ask.
  • All of the items to find are historically accurate to the early 20th-century time period in which the book took place, which requires a bit of an adjustment in thinking. For example, if "car" is on your list of items to find, you should be looking for an old-fashioned Model T Ford type of vehicle; if you're looking for a music stand, expect to see an old ornate wooden one instead of the black metal variety; and a bathing suit will be a modest black affair, not a sexy bikini!

Nail polish Test (Investigation 5)

Compare how the liquids behave to find the answer.

Puzzle Box (Investigation 6)

Use rhymes to solve this one.


  • Bee: tree, 3, knee
  • Snail: pail, grail (the cup), nail
  • Dog: frog, log, hog
  • Book: cook, rook (chess piece), hook

You'll find pearls inside the locked puzzle box, which you have to examine. Bring the magnifying glass over the pearls until you find a flawed-looking one. Hold the glass over it for a few seconds to register a clue.

Examine the evidence (Investigation 8)?
HINT: The magnifying glass will buzz when it gets close something interesting. If you hold the magnifying glass still for a few seconds, a clue will turn up.


  • Use the crowbar on the box
  • Use the magnifying glass on the bottle (clue #1)
  • Use the crowbar on the cloth bundle
  • Use the magnifying glass on the gun (clue #2)
  • Use the magnifying glass on the stained handkerchief (clue #3)
  • Use the magnifying glass on the ashtray (clue #4)
  • Use the magnifying glass on the upper right corner of the cloth (clue #5)
  • Use the magnifying glass on the upper left corner of the cloth (clue #6)

What are the underlined clues?
ANSWER: Clues that appear as phrases with certain words underlined require you to click and drag objects around the screen. Some examples of these are:

  • Ducks in a row: find the three ducks labelled 2, 3 and 4 and drag them so that they sit in between the ducks labelled 1 and 5 in the correct order in the row.
  • Next ball in jar: click on the "16" ball and drag it onto the jaw.
  • Pens in cup: find all the pens and drag them into the pen holder
  • Rainbow: locate the colorwheel with the missing color wedges. Find each color wedge and drag it into the appropriate missing spot so that the colors all blend smoothly together. (For example, in between yellow and red would be orange; in between blue and yellow would be green.)
  • Roses: find all the roses and drag them into the vase.
  • Teabags: click on teabags and drag them into the teacup.

Allerton, Complete the Rainbow

When you assemble the rainbow, colors has to go into specific spots:

Rosary Bonus
A for angel, B for bone, C for crown and so on. Once you count that there are 26 beads the deduction power just goes Eureka!

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