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Author:   Date: May-09-2018

Mystery Trackers is back with an all new addition to their franchise, Mystery Trackers: Mist over Blackhill. With a supernatural setting, it seems your detective skills are needed to solve this bone-chilling tale.

All you wanted was to take a relaxing bike ride with your faithful dog, Elf, but after spotting the rolling mists that seemed to swallow the town of Blackhill, you knew you couldn't just keep pedaling by without stopping to investigate. When you arrive, you discover that the residents of Blackhill are in hiding - and that this might have something to do with the shadow monsters you find roaming around town... 

Now it's up to you to solve the mystery at hand... think you have what it takes? Let's find out as we play Mystery Trackers: Mist over Blackhill! Follow along as I keep a record of my play time with this Mystery Trackers: Mist over Blackhill Walkthrough. 

Mystery Trackers: Mist Over Blackhill Walkthrough Puzzle Screenshot


Walkthrough Table of Contents