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Overview: In the third installment of this fun series, Natalie Brooks is out to stop the Black Cat Gang of Hillcrest High! It's up to you to help her!

Game Play:

·         Inventory – On Natalie's left is your inventory, these items will be used to solve puzzles. Inventory items on the guide below are also highlighted in red.

·         Goals - On Natalie's right is your goals, this area tells you what you need to be doing.

·         Find Items – These will be items you need to find around the scenes and will appear to the right of Natalie (where Goals are).

·         Hidden Objects – All items in these areas are circled in white. Inventory items are circled in green.

·         Hints – The "?" beside Natalie is your hint button. These are unlimited!

·         Cursors – There are a variety of cursors.

o   Lips – These indicate conversation.

o   Arrow – This will show you the name of an item/area.

o   Hand – This means you can pick up an item.

o   Gears – This means the area is interactive.

o   Magnifying Glass – This means you can examine and item/area more closely.


Chapter 1

Natalie's Porch

1.       take the mail

2.       read the mail – read the last letter

3.       try and open the loose board

4.       take the crowbar

5.       use the crowbar on the loose board

6.       take shears from cache in porch

7.       read the letter on the bottom


8.       use the shears to cut back the white roses by the gate

9.       find the cache in the wall

10.   use the crowbar to remove the block

11.   take the key

12.   unlock the wardrobe on the porch with the key – hidden object area

13.   find the objects to heat the iron (circled in green)



14.   heating the iron – puzzle

·         open the top of the iron

·         place the coal inside

·         use the right arrow to turn the iron around

·         click the right side of the door to undo the clasp

·         click the hinges on the left side to open the door

·         place the paper inside

·         use the match to light a fire



15.   zoom in on the mail

16.   use the iron on the letter

17.   click on the computer to map the address

18.   click the area on the map

Chapter 2

The Art Gallery

1.       examine the sea painting

2.       collect the screwdriver and drill


3.       examine the key exhibit (the stack of bricks)

4.       use the screwdriver to get the heart key

5.       examine the heart exhibit (ceiling)

·         collect the red pieces of heart

·         put the red pieces back

·         use the heart key in the lock

·         click the eject button


6.       remove the curtain from the ladder

7.       take the ladder

8.       find the four (4) paintings


9.       replace the four (4) paintings on the left wall

10.   take the key from behind the painting on the wall by the window

11.   examine the contraption (door)

·         collect the shapes

·         place the shape into the lock

·         use the key on the lock that's revealed (right side)


12.   enter the basement


1.       collect the box cutters

2.       collect the piece of paper

3.       examine the toolbox on the shelf

4.       use the ladder to reach the toolbox


5.       open the toolbox and take the knitting needle and drill bit


6.       examine the locked door

7.       place the paper underneath the door

8.       use the knitting needle on the lock

9.       move the piece of paper and take the key

10.   use the key on the locked door


11.   look inside the door – hidden object area


12.   use the fire extinguisher on the fire

13.   look in the bucket and take the switch

14.   use the switch to fix the switch

15.   flip the switch so the lights go out upstairs


16.   go upstairs

Art Gallery

1.       examine the safe (left side, bottom of chest)

2.       use the drill on the safe

3.       take the painting and phone receiver

4.       go over to the sea painting you examined before

5.       place the ultraviolet light above it

6.       use the box cutters on the painting

7.       place the painting from the safe in the frame


8.       go back to the basement


1.       shut the door

2.       place the receiver on the phone

3.       dial the number

Chapter 3

Lower Deck

1.       take the sledgehammer

2.       examine the row boat


3.       take the cell phone and handle


4.       examine the water

5.       take the starter cord

6.       examine the stairs (upper deck)

7.       replace the handle and go up

Upper Deck

1.       examine the winch

2.       take the bent gear

3.       collect the rest of the missing items


4.       go back to the lower deck

Lower Deck

1.       place the bent gear on the anvil

2.       use the sledgehammer on the bent gear

3.       go back to the upper deck

Upper Deck

1.       use the starter cord on the engine

2.       use the winch parts on the winch

3.       use the main gear (was bent gear)on the winch

4.       push the red button

5.       go back to the lower deck

Lower Deck

1.       open the hold door

2.       go down into the hold


1.       use the cell phone on the hot air

2.       read the cell phone message

3.       take the scissors


4.       climb out (upper, right corner) to the upper deck

Upper Deck

1.       use the scissors on the hammock

2.       take the electrical cord

3.       go back to the lower deck

Lower Deck

1.       use the electrical cord on the robot

2.       use the sledgehammer on the left window

3.       enter the cabin


1.       examine the fish tank

2.       take the fish hook

3.       look in the cabinet

4.       take the scuba gear

5.       find the rest of the scuba gear


6.       exit to the lower deck

Lower Deck

1.       examine the water

2.       use the scuba gear on the water – hidden object area


3.       defuse the teddy bear bomb

·         click any red, green, or blue loop (wire) you see twice

·         cut the black thread that has the back of the bear sewed shut – this shows if any wires are left

·         click the back of the bears head

·         place the key in the key slot and turn it

·         turn the bear around and clip the rest of the wires hidden beneath the dynamite

·         whew!





4.       go down into the hold


1.       replace the valve

2.       take the lever

3.       exit to the lower deck


Lower Deck

1.       examine the robot

2.       use the lever

3.       take the fishing rod

4.       read the note

5.       take the other of half the map

6.       take the blueprints

7.       use the fishing rod in the water - puzzle

·         click in the water to throw the line

·         keep throwing the line until a fish catches it (this can take awhile)

·         when the fish catches it pull back on your mouse to reel it in

·         this process took me awhile

8.       go to the upper deck

Upper Deck

1.       feed the seagull the fish

2.       go back to the cabin


1.       use the other half of the map on the map on the wall

2.       use the key in the key hole

3.       exit to the hold – you will then be sent back to the lower deck

Lower Deck

1.       collect the items


2.       go back to the hold


1.       use the equipment on the fire

2.       push the starter button

3.       go back to the cabin


1.       push the button

2.       navigate the boat – puzzle

·         turn t lever to the right to go forward

·         turn the lever to the left to back up

·         keep the lever straight up and down to stop

·         turn the wheel to steer the boat its destination

·         the destination is marked with yellow circles

Chapter 4


1.       find the switch and flip it – upper left corner


2.       pick up the basin – lower right under board


3.       pick up the towel – middle right on table


4.       pick up the electrical tape – lower left on stairs


5.       turn the switch back off

6.       use the towel on the puddle

7.       use the basin to catch the dripping water

8.       use the towel on the puddle again

9.       use the electrical tape on the exposed wires

10.   flip the switch back on

11.   take the floodlight housing from the shelf

12.   collect the items for Kitty's leg

13.   use the lighthouse blueprint on the corkboard

14.   examine the blueprint



15.   find the symbols


16.   the symbol above the steps hides a puzzle

·         place the images in the circles

·         the ends that meet up must match

·         the three symbols in the middle (in red) must also match

·         take the glass and floodlight


17.   place the tripod on the symbol on the floor

18.   place the floodlight housing on top of the tripod

19.   place the floodlight inside the housing and place the glass on top of it

20.   you will look upward and see bats

21.   take the sledgehammer


22.   open the shutters –puzzle

·         use your lamp to steer the bats toward the open window

·         the bats can only fly out through the top of the window

23.   examine the hatch

24.   click on the closed hatch

25.   find 10 keys



26.   go back to the hatch

27.   use the silver key on the keyhole (hard to see)


28.   go outside

Outside Lighthouse

1.       take the wrench

2.       take the rope


3.       open the vent above the door

4.       use the rope on the open vent

5.       loop it over the handle and pull up

6.       examine the area inside

7.       take Chad's coat

8.       examine the broken mirror

9.       find the 12 mirror pieces


10.   go back inside the lighthouse


1.       go all the way down and use the key on the cabinet

2.       take the light bulbs

3.       return to the outside

Outside Lighthouse

1.       use the mirror pieces on the broken mirror

2.       replace the light bulbs

3.       collect the matches

4.       collect the round mirror


5.       go back inside the lighthouse


1.       examine the hatch again

2.       place the round mirror in its place

3.       examine the light

4.       use the sledgehammer on the rock

5.       look at the next light

6.       use the wrench on the bolts

7.       flip the switch on the light

8.       look at the next light

9.       go back outside

Outside Lighthouse

1.       use the oil lamp on the fuel

2.       go back inside


1.       place the oil lamp inside the cache

2.       light the oil lamp with the matches – puzzle

·         match the shadow puppet to the animals on the sides

·         click the animal it matches

·         when you are finished a red button will appear

·         push the red button

3.       examine the cushion

4.       take the crowbar

5.       go outside the lighthouse

Outside Lighthouse

1.       use the crowbar on the hidden cache

2.       you can't solve the puzzle just yet

3.       look inside and use the crowbar on the crate


4.       take the weights

5.       go back inside


1.       use the weights on the cache under the cushion – puzzle

·         place the weights where they belong

·         different weights will cause different spaces to rise and fall

·         therefore, the combination of weights has to be exact

·         they will turn bright green when they are correct

·         however, if you placing another weight could cause it to rise/fall

2.       take the morse code reader

3.       go back outside

Outside Lighthouse

1.       examine the lens again

2.       place the morse code reader in the slot – puzzle

·         the answer lies in the lights inside

·         each time a light beam reflected on the wall there was cache

·         upon examining each cache, there was either line or a circle

·         circle = dot and line = dash

·         simply go back inside and look at them

·         solution:  dash, dot, dash, dash, dot

3.       use the telescope to examine the ships flag

4.       note the symbols on the flag

5.       go back to your cache and use the arrow buttons to change the symbols

6.       make sure the symbols match the flag

7.       read the letter

8.       read the message on the cell phone and view the map

Chapter 5

Hillcrest High Lobby

1.       collect the shoe

2.       collect the saw and solvent from the toolbox

3.       use the shoe on the box of shoes – puzzle

·         find all the matching pairs

·         get the matching shoe


4.       click on the bottom-left locker

5.       use the solvent on the dried paint

6.       take the lighter and the powder


7.       examine the school mascot and click his shield

8.       find the items


9.       examine the bat case

10.   take the handle

11.   move the curtain aside

12.   use the powder on the keys – puzzle

·         press the keys in the correct order

·         start with the darkest fingerprint and proceed to the lightest

·         solution: 57319


13.   use the saw on the loose board

14.   take the bat

15.   examine the fire box on the left wall

16.   use the handle on the broken latch

17.   take the hook

18.   use the hook on the letter H on the banner/sign

19.   examine the mascot

·         place the items you found on the crest

·         place the H on its chest

·         place the bat in its hand

·         place the shoes on its feet

·         take the keys

20.   examine the kitchen door

21.   use the lighter on the wax

22.   use the keys on the kitchen door

23.   enter the kitchen


1.       examine the sink

2.       take the filter

3.       move the curtain under the sink

4.       use the filter on the pipes

5.       take the hammer from inside the sink

6.       take the meat hook (hanging by the spoons)

7.       use the hammer on the broken menu


8.       exit to the lobby


1.       read the menu

2.       note the time it takes to cook a turkey (01:35)

3.       go back into the kitchen


1.       click the stove

2.       input the time it takes to cook a turkey

3.       take the screwdriver

4.       examine the garbage can

5.       use the screwdriver to remove the wheel

6.       go back into the lobby


1.       examine the map - puzzle

·         place the cell phone on top of the map

·         rotate the cell phone picture until It matches the map

·         now drag the cell phone directly over the area that matches the "X"


2.       you will automatically be taken to the stage


1.       take the rope

2.       examine the stage lights

3.       click the red buttons

4.       oh no! you broke the ladder!

1.       use the wheel on the ladder

1.       use the rope on the floodlights

2.       use the meat hook to move the broken wires

3.       press the red buttons

4.       take the guitar body

5.       take the flashlight



6.       find 4 batteries


7.       use the flashlight under the stage – hidden object area


8.       examine the speakers

9.       place the guitar on the guitar stand

10.   examine the speakers

11.   take the keys


12.   go back inside


1.       use the keys on the locker – hidden object area


2.       go into the kitchen


1.       use the stove dial on the stove

2.       take the pot of boiling water

3.       use the pot of boiling water on the freezer



4.       open up the freezer – hidden object area


5.       go back to the stage


1.       use the ruler on the bus door

2.       enter the bus


1.       take the tire jack

2.       pull the lever by the seat

3.       use the cooking oil on the lever

4.       pull the lever again

5.       take the tire

6.       examine the exposed wires – puzzle

·         place the tokens to the right in the correct spot

·         follow each wire carefully to see where it goes

·         match the tokens




7.       exit the bus


1.       use the tire jack on the flat tire

2.       replace the tire

3.       go back into the bus


1.       click the steering wheel to move the bus

2.       you will automatically be put back outside


1.       remove the tarp that's hiding Chad

2.       click the hatch

3.       you will automatically be back on the bus


1.       click the door and "look under the bus"

2.       take the hairpin and rock

3.       use the hairpin on the backpack

4.       take the wire cutters and slingshot

5.       use the slingshot on the balloon hovering over the kidnapper



6.       you will automatically be taken to the kitchen


1.       examine the cabinet

2.       use the wire cutters to open the cabinet

3.       take the knife

4.       look at the puddle that's formed from the freezer

5.       use the knife on the puddle

6.       open the hatch


7.       enter the basement


1.       guide Natalie to the other side of the basement

2.       be sure you don't run into anything!

3.       use the wire cutters to cut the wires

4.       pull the handle

5.       take the ring


6.       you will automatically go back outside


1.       use the ring on the lock

Chapter 6


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