Mystery Case Files : 13th Skull : Chapter 9: Graveyard & Secret Passage

Our Mystery Case Files 13th Skull Walkthrough will guide you through solving the mysterious disappearance of Mr. Lawson with custom screenshots marking every location and detailed instructions. Journey deep into the heart of Louisiana and discover the truth of the curse of the pirate's treasure with our CGG Mystery Case Files Walkthrough.

[b]Graveyard Path[/b] 1. find the four keys in your inventory 2. notice the shapes on the top of each key 3. match the shape with the correct keyhole 6. solution (highlight to see): Triangle Key = Shamrock; Moon Key = Crown; Diamond Key = Heart; Star Key = Square 4. now turn them so the symbols are facing the same way as in the painting 5. enter graveyard [b]Graveyard[/b] 1. examine the foliage 2. use the garden shears to remove foliage 3. notice the "T" shape 4. go up to mausoleum [b]Mausoleum[/b] 1. examine shelf, crypt wall, and lantern 2. open lantern door 3. use matches on candle 4. take lantern 5. examine coffin 6. move the debris around until you uncover four bolts 7. use wrench on bolts 8. examine coffin again – puzzle 9. around each edge is an inscriptions 10. year of birth, year of death, year house built, and year of blaze 11. look in your journal to find the answers 12. solution (highlight to see): Birth = 1730; Death = 1812; House = 1808; Fire = 1806 13. press the buttons on the puzzle to match the dates 14. you will need to find the numbers in a row 15. pull the lever 16. you can skip this puzzle by clicking the hint button 17. enter the passage [gimg]/mystery-case-files-13-skulls/images/GRAVEYARD01.jpg[/gimg] [b]Passage[/b] 1. hang the lantern on the hook the statue is holding 2. examine the chest – puzzle 3. you can swap the letters 4. rearrange them so they spell PHINEAS CROWN 5. examine paper 6. you can skip this puzzle by clicking the hint button 7. examine banner 8. use garden shears on banner 9. use pickaxe on wall three times 10. climb through wall to tunnel [b]Tunnel[/b] 1. examine coffin 2. use hammer on coffin 3. examine skeleton 4. use screwdriver on skeleton hand 5. take "T" shape 6. examine garbage – hidden object area 7. take bike pump 8. go up to basement [gimg]/mystery-case-files-13-skulls/images/GRAVEYARD02.jpg[/gimg] [b]Basement[/b] 1. examine the hutch 2. return to side of house [b]Side of House[/b] 1. examine the fountain 2. use chlorine on the water 3. make a note of the symbols 4. return to the basement [b]Basement[/b] 1. examine the hutch 2. plug in the symbols that were on the fountain 3. look inside the hutch 4. find the lost goblets [b]Location of Goblets[/b] 1. Mausoleum 2. shelf 3. Sitting Room 4. Left Hallway 5. Right Hallway 6. Attic [b]Attic[/b] 1. examine dresser – hidden object area 2. take glass 3. return to basement [gimg]/mystery-case-files-13-skulls/images/ATTIC02.jpg[/gimg] [b]Basement[/b] 1. examine hutch 2. place goblets in hutch 3. take medallion half 4. exit through trap door to carriage house [b]Carriage House[/b] 1. examine fireplace 2. go up to bedroom [b]Carriage House Bedroom[/b] 1. examine bed 2. examine dresser – hidden object area 3. take key 4. examine bed 5. use key on box 6. take voodoo doll 7. return to voodoo shop [gimg]/mystery-case-files-13-skulls/images/CARRIAGEHOUSE01.jpg[/gimg] Congratulations on completing the [b]Mystery Case Files 13th Skull Walkthrough[/b] for Chapter 9: Graveyard & Secret Passage. Please use the links above and below to navigate to the next chapter.