Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City: Island Events

Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City Walkthrough will help you grow your little people in real-time as you embark on a journey to re-populate the city ruins of Isola. Use this in-depth Virtual Villagers Walkthrough to help successfully guide your villagers through this entertaining sim game.

The following is a list of island events in [b]Virtual Villagers 3 The Secret City[/b]. [i][b]Island Events [/b][/i] Please Note: This information was taken from the LDW forums and is not complete. Furthermore, your outcomes may vary slightly (as some of mine did) I honestly can't confirm many of these (except the ones I noted) but it is still a fairly accurate representation and can help you if you're not sure which to choose. [b]The Return of Biggles[/b] Late one night, Pio spots a mysterious figure working in the lab... Confront him-Forgets name, gains science Watch him work-tech points [b]The Shooting Star [/b] Little Kutu is lying on the beach one knight and notices a shooting star streak across the sky. "Oh my!" he gasps. "What can this mean? Should I get the others? Should I keep watching in case it happens again?" Tell the others - (not sure) Stay and watch - research skills gained (It turned my child into an adept scientist! - Lara) [b]The Crystal of Reflections[/b] Machu has found a crystal of intoxication beauty wedged in a small fissure in a rock wall. He quietly slips off to a private place to enjoy it undisturbed. Its allure is so strong that he can scarcely bear to put it down. Yet there is something comforting and strangely familiar about it. Keep the crystal - A twin appears with opposite likes and dislikes. Dispose of the crystal - Nothing happens [b]The Mango and the Papaya [/b] Watu has found a lovely, ripe mango while combing the beach for useful resources. However, just as he sets off to bring it back to the village, he notices a massive papaya bobbing in the nearby surf. To get it, Watu realizes that he will have to risk trying to hastily stash the mango somewhere. He is not sure what to do. Swim out after the papaya-none Be satisfied with the mango-gain 200 food [b]The Noisy Bird[/b] One day, while conducting research, Nana is relentlessly harassed by a noisy, squawking bird. So persistent is the bird, that it would almost seem that it is deliberately trying to disrupt research. What is she to do? Scare the bird away-nothing Leave the bird alone-Recipe [b]The Lazy Apprentice[/b] Little Poro is an apprentice. But now he wants to find a new master to study with, because little Poro believes that Totolo is too mean. Stay with the current teacher - likes learning Find a new teacher - becomes Wild Child [b]Vanity and the Bee [/b] One fine day, Aziri is sitting near the beach admiring her lovely and luxurious hair, but lamenting her long skinny legs. "Oh why must I have such skinny legs? Legs such as there are not befitting of a lovely young woman with glorious locks such as mine!" she moans. Just then a very pesky bee decides to buzz around her head angrily. She is afraid she might be stung. What is she to do? Run to the water - becomes runner Swat at the bee - villager gets sick [b]The Playful Otters [/b] One fine day, the children spot a group of playful otters splashing and darting about in the nearby surf. They are very amusing to watch, and Poro thinks that it might be fun to throw them some food. Throw them some food - food loss Just keep watching them - Gains farming skill [b]The Mysterious Vial [/b] Pio has found an exquisite vial carved from solid crystal on the beach today. It contains a very sweet-smelling, fragrant liquid. Pio thinks it must be an herbal preparation that someone lost. He is thinking about having a taste to see if he can figure out what it is. Taste it - villager gains health Bring it back to the village - herb answer [b]The Bitter Brown Beans [/b] One morning, Chuka finds a large, wooden crate breached on the north shore. The crate is easily opened and is packed full of strange, shiny, dark brown "beans." Chuka recognizes that they have been roasted and decides to bring them back for further examination. The villagers believe that they were either meant to be brewed into some kind of infusion, or were meant to provide nutrients for crops. Try to brew the beans - village chores hastened Use the beans as fertilizer - Energy and extra food [b]The Blue Starfish[/b] Tarita has found a strange and beautiful blue star fish in a tide pool Pick it up - gains skill Leave it alone - nothing [b]The Red Starfish [/b] Tepeu has found a strange and beautiful red star fish in a tide pool. Pick it up - loss of skill Leave it alone - ??? [b]The Low Tide[/b] Little Samoa awoke one morning to find that the tide had receded very far down the beach, with areas normally under several feet of water exposed to the open air. She notices that there are some fish flopping around on the damp sand and immediately tries to grab some. Others move to follow, but one of the older adults warns that this is a dangerous sign and begs the villagers to move to higher ground. Grab the fish - gain 500 food (I gained 1,000 food - Lara) Move to high ground-tribe dry but disappointed [b]The Ants and the Granary[/b] Tokou has noticed a line of little black ants leading to the village granary. It seems like they have been there as long as he can remember. It's really not that many ants, and they aren't eating all that much, but he finds them distasteful nevertheless. Sweep the ants away - lose more food Let them be - lose little food, gain farm skill [b]The Omen in the Clouds[/b] Tarita has noticed a very strange formation in the clouds. She is convinced that this is an omen of ill fortune. She must decide if she should try to warn the villages about this ominous sign in the sky. What will the other villagers think of her if she is wrong? Perhaps she should perform her trusty ‘dance of happy good luck." Then again what if the dance doesn't work? Warn the villagers - lose 800 tech points Perform the dance - ??? T[b]he Lovers(Female)[/b] Chuka has a crush on one of the village men. She is continually courting him at his favorite spot on the reef. She thinks she knows what would be the perfect gift. Carve a knife for him - Baby Give him a shark tooth necklace - not interested [b]The Lovers(Male)[/b] Pichu has a crush on one of the village women. He is continually courting her at her favorite spot on the reef. He thinks he know what would be the perfect gift. Give her a shell necklace - she's not interested Give her flowers - BABY [b]The Ancient Tablet[/b] One morning, Tasiri was combing the beach for useful items, when she uncovered a square tablet of exceptionally smooth, hard stone. Engraved in the tablet's surface are a multitude of intricate glyphs and strange markings. She takes it back to the others to try to determine what to do with it. Use it for doing laundry - very clean clothes Use it for decoration - likes learning [b]The Daredevil[/b] Raraku is teasing a group of sharks hovering near the beach. As a crowd of village women gathers to thrill at his daring, he gets the idea that he should show off further by swimming with the sharks and trying to ride one by grabbing onto its fin. He swims with sharks - parenting skills He rethinks his 'plan' - he lives. [b]The Hole in the Hut [/b] Naioti has been feeling a chilly draft in the hut lately. Fed up with freezing at night, she searches for leaks, finally finding the pesky hole that is letting all that cold air in. Now that she has found the hole, she just has to find a way to fix it. Use beeswax - food loss Use tree sap - damaged tree [b]The Mysterious Crate [/b] One fine morning Tekoi finds a large wooden crate washed up on the beach. It seems to be in good repair, so he imagines that whatever is inside is probably still good. He wonders whether he should try to get it open. Open the crate - gains food, sickens villager (Others have reported finding more villagers inside! - Lara) Shove it back out to sea-no change [b]The Royal Jelly [/b] One morning Spok notices that the bees, aside from creating honey, create another yellowish substance that looks more like jelly. The bees seem very fond of it, especially the queen bee. Spok wonders if he should try it on his morning banana sandwich. The only problem is how to bring it home. There are lots of vials in the lab, and Spok isn't sure which kind to use. Use a clear vial - sunlight ruins jelly Use a dark vial - feels better [b]The Medical Emergency [/b] Saka has been having very bad abdominal pains all morning. By afternoon, she is overcome by pain and high fever. The villagers have been able to partially translate an ancient scroll, left by Isola's original inhabitants, that describes this illness exactly. The medical procedure is extremely dangerous and is barely within the villager's technical reach. Attempt the procedure - healing skills Let the illness take its course - lives with pain [b]The Ghostly Dream[/b] One night as Swahili is just falling asleep, she starts hearing the gentle, whispering voice of a beautiful lady clad in white gossamer. She whispers, "When the heart and the mind are one, the spirit and the body are in balance. Seek your inner harmony, my child!" What a strange dream! What can this mean? Study the ways of nature - (??) Study the healing arts - gains healing skill [b]The Blue Pearl [/b] Mikeka has found a pearl today. It has a decidedly blue shade to it. Mikeka is very fond of it, but she wonders what to do with especially lovely pearl such a treasure. Grind it into powder - (???) Examine it more closely - 3 Lotus picture (Huh? - Lara) [b]Green Pearl [/b] Grind it - becomes drink - RUNNER!! Make it into bracelet - parenting skills [b]Bed Bugs[/b] One evening Dino is just drifting off to sleep when he is roused to alertness by a stinging sensation on his foot. He can feel that it's some kind of insect crawling around down there. Swat it - villager becomes sick Have a closer look - villager rescued from poisonous spider (Villager should gain research skills too but this event happened to my Master Scientist. Go figure. - Lara) [b]The Ant Hill[/b] Little Nue has found a busy little ant hill while exploring the outskirts of the village. For a while, he sits transfixed, fascinated by the busy little creatures. At some point he feels compelled to interact with them somehow. Poke the ant hill with a stick - gain research skills Drop some bits of food - lose 200 food